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@maryakirkman @BklynBckstretch I've often wondered about Connie Rounds, whether that was a woman. Beautiful work.… https://t.co/hiUbqC83Ie
@maryakirkman @BklynBckstretch Brewer was definitely known mostly for his paintings but was a fantastic photographe… https://t.co/CcN8GOxHV5
SPECTACULAR BID, considered by some to be the greatest horse to ever look through a bridle, soon after his arrival… https://t.co/zmo7o1yOr6
@BklynBckstretch Ya made me look. Maryjean Wall and @TracksideJennie , two incredibly hard-working, talented women,… https://t.co/Ota2UQGq2Q
@BklynBckstretch And zero photographers. Skeets Meadors, Ashby, Bert Clark Thayer (writer/photog), Allen Brewer (w… https://t.co/LjvhfopMhr
RT @LindaC2010: I just went to @NTWOorg website (again) to view the available horses. So many choices, beautiful horses! (I could not pick!…
@elizamcgraw @HorseyGort @BklynBckstretch @WSKG You were wonderful, too, Eliza! And your book is so important and appreciated. ❤️
@HorseyGort @elizamcgraw @BklynBckstretch @WSKG This was wonderful...finally got to watch it. Great job, all! :)
@ArtIsMyPorn So, so sorry for your loss of Milo. What a beauty.
@annamonica711 @SarahKAndrew Ha! That will be my epitaph...she was always tired. Funny! 😅
@ponyace @SarahKAndrew Right? I mean, Sarah had no reason to doubt that was the entire epitaph. And the first tim… https://t.co/v3vgRYoOUF
@Frannysays_ @ponyace @alyssejacobs @BklynBckstretch OK, even funnier is that I first watched it without sound...an… https://t.co/IDVZnxZrwo
@ponyace @Frannysays_ @alyssejacobs @BklynBckstretch What Susie said, hahahahaha.....that is one bizarre-looking ki… https://t.co/5tFgIMcUvL
Graves, from left to right - SAIL MAKER, MANDY, MAC, FESTOON. Festoon's stone mentions A GRAND HORSE. HE ALWAYS T… https://t.co/tMi69k0wcY
How wonderful is this old graveyard? @SarahKAndrew introduced me to it. Not overly well-known TBs FESTOON and SAI… https://t.co/pu8Lqvmozg
@georgiagirl581 I'm not sure...but I've never heard of her passing. She was sold in late 2011 at the Edward P. Eva… https://t.co/udn5SlOnmt
@hulia80130 @HorseyGort @elizamcgraw Easy to find onlineeeeeee! :) Here's an inexpensive copy: https://t.co/YnYwxsi9E4
KOBLA (1995, by Strawberry Road - Winglet, by Alydar) in summer 2010 at Edward P. Evans' Spring Hill Farm. KOBLA, a… https://t.co/2HkqKIaEE1