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Dear @realDonaldTrump , you say the NYT is guilty of treason, but the real treason came from you, your campaign, yo… https://t.co/78kiV63Hn0
Trump accused the New York Times of treason, but ask yourself this: Who is the one who repeatedly defended Russia d… https://t.co/S9tOH1Oq6p
America has been misled by a man who @GOP experts and leaders, including presidents, have described as a "one-man c… https://t.co/l0dgl8zhww
Trump "wondering" if people want him a third term is him fishing for compliments to boost his failing presidency.
Desperate Donny is failing so hard and has an ego so fragile that he's trying to get his dwindling base of supporte… https://t.co/wEBvEpCgEJ
Lyin' Trump again called the press the "enemy of the people," but Trump incites violence and inspires terrorism, wo… https://t.co/GvHslLz7UO
Trump is so afraid of facts and his own failure that he's fired his own pollsters. Think about that.
Trump lost the popular vote in 2016. No one who lost and was installed once lost twice and was installed again.
Even Trump's internal polls show him failing. Think about that.
Meanwhile, Trump says nothing about his campaign attempting collusion, his defense of our enemies, or admitted GOP… https://t.co/cs3yXzfToS
It's Sunday, which means it's time to ask again: Why are we allowing ourselves to be misled by a liar who most Amer… https://t.co/YdcIntOGXP
The Trump administration is a House of Lies. https://t.co/k8pLc0UCt5
.@UN officials said Trump's treatment of immigrant children is child abuse and possibly torture. I call for the UN… https://t.co/pb58qaCZKh
Journalists: Thank you for quoting me, but please contact me first to ensure you're not inadvertently (intentionall… https://t.co/UEg1L9ilkU
It took only 266 days for Richard Nixon to go from claiming he was "not a crook" to resigning the presidency in dis… https://t.co/d6oRXwDQca
Special thanks to Trump voters who are picking up 46% of his $100+ million tab just for Trump to play golf while ma… https://t.co/RbRKPusRoz
RT @tedlieu: Hey @realDonaldTrump: Did you see today's Fox News poll? It shows all 5 of the leading Democratic presidential candidates beat…
.@JohnBlakeCNN 's article may have upset some, but I think, among other things, that it helps to illustrate how rac… https://t.co/UcttweuCxT
@JohnBlakeCNN I'm glad you wrote your article. I think it will help people.
Trump encouraged Russia to hack Clinton. Trump defended Russia despite their acts of war. Trump gutted task force… https://t.co/Q4A6u5HRB3