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RT @pparsons: What makes Bungie special is our welcoming community, no matter who you are, where from, or how you identify. Racists, people…
Want to add me to your Nintendo Switch Friend List? Just add my code: 3100-0006-7069
@BungieHelp Once again a bug benefitting players can be quickly fixed; bugs that harm player experience never do. J… https://t.co/9PED5gUh77
@BungieStore @Bungie @ItGetsBetter literally bought it on ebay yesterday since your store support said "we don't co… https://t.co/IV6CDpy8KC
@daringfireball I've always wondered why Apple would allow it.
The @DestinyTheGame player base on @GoogleStadia is small. This could be helped by eliminating the platform separat… https://t.co/MwbX93Mjdn
.@Bungie The fact the player base is separated by platform, which @GoogleStadia should not be, really ruins this Se… https://t.co/H0sSUc3JIR
@Bungie the same bounties every single day for Guardian Games is getting very tiring!
RT @FoldableHuman: I just want to point out that @google could do this for all quack medicine, but they don't. https://t.co/5yQq9ozfXo
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RT @GrandPOOBear: Win a brand new Animal Crossing Switch by entering this giveaway. -Follow -RT Visit this link to redeem the entries! htt…