Darrenammo86 (@Darrenammo86)

@debrxyne @EvertonArentWe Sounds funny, but it’s a blatant blatant lie isn’t it. We’ve won 11 trophies the last 20 years 👌🏻
@John_B58 @adie_efc Clearly purple 😁
@fletcher_xo @TheRedmenTV After that performance I just need da bar never mind Dubai 🍺🤯
@lfcidil You were in the lower Anfield Road today? 😁
RT @SamMcGuire90: Rivals fans when Salah is fouled for a penalty. https://t.co/Tx0jnTdpbh
@Linda_Pizzuti @LFC 3 massive points 😁🤘🏻
@OfficialFPL @lfcisabelle Best left back of all time because he scored two goals once.
@TomArnoldBlake @KuganCassius @EddieHearn Nope clearly not. You’re blinded by your love for Fury. Wilder...I think… https://t.co/wmff6mv2Er
@TomArnoldBlake @KuganCassius @EddieHearn You think wilder is the tougher fight? Absolutely nothing I’ve seen from… https://t.co/UsFy119wRB
@TheRedmenTV Will City ever catch us? https://t.co/T9ylnyd6jc
@TomArnoldBlake @KuganCassius @EddieHearn You’re the one blinded. Have a good day.
@TomArnoldBlake @KuganCassius @EddieHearn And he’s cowardly running from the best heavyweight in the division. If y… https://t.co/BLOYEZpIOO
@TomArnoldBlake @KuganCassius @EddieHearn Who has he knocked out though? Give me the 3 biggest names he’s knocked out? AJ hits harder.
@TomArnoldBlake @KuganCassius @EddieHearn Wilder won’t the biggest puncher in boxing. Have a good day
@markgoldbridge He’s always there when it matters 👌🏻
@TomArnoldBlake @KuganCassius @EddieHearn Only reason he could be seen as frozen out is because now Wilder v Fury h… https://t.co/GMW6cQJMOU
RT @Red_Neighbours: If you’re at #Anfield for the game against @CPFC today, please don’t forget your Foodbank donations. @SFoodbanks will b…