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RT @rch371: Our military's been site of our most progressive policy initiatives - first to integrate racially, afford higher ed to all, hea…
@katiecannon2 @PatriciaNPino @sjwrenlewis @nevin_simon I think the GND give us the opportunity to build a progressi… https://t.co/VGqLLMgxuy
@katiecannon2 @PatriciaNPino @sjwrenlewis @nevin_simon We do need to co-operate. We will need a very big coalition… https://t.co/NkToAZ6F6h
@PatriciaNPino @sjwrenlewis @katiecannon2 @nevin_simon I hope you are right, that many mainstream economists will s… https://t.co/y1tu1Ou5qq
@sjwrenlewis I am relating an anecdote, not making a scientific claim. Memory can also play tricks on one. I canno… https://t.co/NUZHlSuXwz
It was years ago but I remember clearly still the sense of deflation that came after hearing that PK had no real co… https://t.co/V2TGnrqjF1
@sjwrenlewis @nevin_simon PK was (is?) a deficit dove and criticised Sanders in '16 for being overly ambitious. AOC… https://t.co/6UVcGlDaNJ
The difference between the two answers and the differences in the political resonance of the two, even the varying… https://t.co/3YCLAP5dk2
It is so instructive to compare how PK answered the question with how AOC answers similar questions today, in parti… https://t.co/nAk4CHqCHA
I remembered well hearing PK deal with the question of the debt on BBC Radio 4. He said it was only a long term pro… https://t.co/uzLdkOoPs2
RT @EReNSEP_Network: Join the Left Brexit Tour to push for a real Left Brexit, with @C_Lapavitsas, Chris @cjbickerton, Tariq Ali and @grace
@nevin_simon @sjwrenlewis @Mattison_MA Just want to say it again as @nevin_simon makes clear here. MMT via AOC and… https://t.co/sp1zbSfC43
RT @stf18: The War On Climate Change Won’t Be Won Quibbling Over The Green New Deal’s Costs, by @zachdcarter and @AlexCKaufman https://t…
RT @tymoignee: "What you need to know about the $22 public debt, an ALTERNATIVE interview." @nprAudie I wish you interviewed me. SHORT VERS…
I agree with you, Simon, as in @nevin_simon. The evidence of the past year is all on your side. https://t.co/qVYp6Tf3Ic
RT @FightForFJG: As we work on building support for the #GreennewDeal, which includes a #FederalJobGuarantee we aim to have at least 1 #Fig
Macroeconomics 1st edition William Mitchell, L. Randall Wray, Martin Watts Macmillan International Higher Education… https://t.co/NbidGkbAbW
@Machiavellecon @Athena_Alithis @EdConwaySky As I understand it, government money is today around 50% of the total… https://t.co/MmmYmKcr4M
"In fact, this week Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said the Senate would vote on the Green New De… https://t.co/bxE8kY3aq1