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S. Hail. "People are getting confused between gross debt and the net financial assets of the private sector. The pr… https://t.co/kmCwWT6CcB
@KimDriver11 @MazzucatoM For those following these tweets who may not be familiar with Desert Island Discs being a… https://t.co/eBjCdfEkZR
@RajaKorman It is because, says someone who does not know this history at all, France in this period and later neve… https://t.co/5bPiHH1KRk
@JoMicheII @RobertSMitchel1 @DanielaGabor But is there money creation with shadow banking/money? I am presuming not.
@JoMicheII @RobertSMitchel1 But in the shadow banking sector, money that is loaned is not a liability of the lender… https://t.co/Qa2IlcVWBs
@JoMicheII @RobertSMitchel1 "Money issued by banks is recorded in the liabilities", which means money is the IOU of… https://t.co/dnkDUDeLFX
@KimDriver11 @MazzucatoM I think of it as the first step toward that end or something like that. A huge honour. G… https://t.co/2Xjcn4Gs9R
From what I can tell, it requires a great deal of work and concentration. You clearly give all of that. Congratulations!
@MazzucatoM, this is such amazing news. 'Desert Island Discs: Mariana Mazzucato, economist, is interviewed by Laure… https://t.co/2bM4iGvaLj
RT @adam_tooze: Neoliberalism’s World Order: this was a great exchange with @atossaaraxia and @zeithistoriker at the @VersoBooks loft about…
RT @LarsDenmar: #TheGreatestPublicGood? Here you'll find more economic wisdom & reality than in the past four decades of research by the…
RT @wbmosler: @LarsDenmar @billy_blog @fredileb @gduval_altereco @lykketoft Note also that MMT alone recognizes the state's currency is a p…
This is an example of both financialization and neoliberalism both and so relates to the current conversation with… https://t.co/mVlJCwnHHo
...And we need to find a way of reducing its size to what is was let us say in the mid-70s, for most of its growth… https://t.co/gk68iyGmQM
@JoMicheII What is your opinion regarding financialization's relation to macro fragility, the move from hedge throu… https://t.co/R1S8fZ7QAg
@JoMicheII How about a few succinct sentences?
@malcolm_reavell @JoMicheII Something like that, though @JoMichell may be right in suggesting that there is a more… https://t.co/v6wVZY41lV
@JoMicheII Maybe I should have said financialization is about putting as much of the bottom 90% into debt as much a… https://t.co/f5YigWWrt1
RT @JoMicheII: So, @toby_n tagged me in the #fintwitbooks thing. Posting the cover of 7 books I love with no further explanation and then t…