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@DediFredericks I'm starting to think of new meanings for CFR. Conspiracy on Foreign Revenues Corruption For Rubles ....
RT @jasthegreek: Copies of 6.8 million of files documenting decades of activity inside the Bermuda main office and other offices were obtai…
RT @jasthegreek: Comey, Hill and Guliani's revenge....The DoJ now has their sights on Glencore https://t.co/eNzbU8Si3e
@RickJSportPlays @tracybeanz Yeah, the Mueller/Comey involvement convinced me they were going back to the Marc Rich… https://t.co/YafPmqj8Cz
Huh, seems Trump White House Counsel Dan McGahn may have asked then head of a watchdog group (now acting AG) Whitak… https://t.co/v8HNzIRZ5x
RT @almostjingo: We now know James Baker is under a criminal leak investigation but there’s some gems in this letter from @Jim_Jordan and @
@DeplorableRev @MissiWhite4 @CarrollQuigley1 Incorrect, that's like arguing it is Trump's fault we had an attempted… https://t.co/mbbz07Ryuy
@bmaat99 @actual_chaos Figuring that out is what let many of us in this corner of Twitter let out a sign of relief many months ago!
RT @tracybeanz: It’s almost as though Rod Rosensteinf appointed the SC to stop the completely criminal and rogue FBI from performing a coup…
RT @carterwpage: Completely devoid of any basis in fact or in law, this sounds like precisely the type of twisted logic that @PreetBharara
RT @actual_chaos: William Barr testified today that the President interviewed him and asked Barr about Mueller. Barr then vouched for Muell…
@psychiatron I suspect that many of them did, we just haven't learned who all of them are yet!
Huh, former FBI Chief Counsel is under criminal investigation for leaking information to the press.… https://t.co/7KgS9lJxoM
Now the LA City Council & Mayor are in the crosshairs of an FBI corruption investigation. Bribes, extortion, money… https://t.co/WYnV3Y15KM
RT @lukerosiak: I wasn't kidding when I say this is big news about Imran Awan. What's been in the news previously isn't even a quarter of t…
@DeplorableRev @MissiWhite4 @CarrollQuigley1 Not Mueller, Of course not, & Not Mueller. Quit blaming the scapegoat… https://t.co/QQ2PdDWNPc
@denise_snively @MissiWhite4 @CarrollQuigley1 He delivered different uranium. He delivered Russian uranium back to… https://t.co/wsHlamoxRb
@psychiatron It seems to be a requirement to get into their orbit. Which is why a lot of Democrats are tired of bei… https://t.co/A7kCpZvZ73