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@introspectate @actual_chaos That is why Trump remodeled the White House in 2017 to get rid of all those flies on t… https://t.co/DxYquzwNhw
Oh this tweet isn't going to age well. Not when Mueller testifies that Trump gave unprecedented cooperation with th… https://t.co/XLxEPzzERY
RT @ChuckGrassley: 2 yrs of false accusations I’m glad that Mueller‘s work is done I appreciate his good work & the recommendations let’s n…
@SamSimeonSays @chucktodd I wonder if Devin Nunes has any receipts from Fusion GPS that might explain things?
@introspectate @actual_chaos Bingo, no one in DC can question Barr's ethics or judgment. Especially when he is stan… https://t.co/OgNewtooFh
It is only 'very confusing' because @chucktodd has no clue what happened. He has no clue why he has been duped for… https://t.co/kPJS3Czizt
@mtracey And yet they still beat all of the Republican challengers, the Republican Machine, along with Hillary & Democratic Machine.
@Avery1776 @mouse458 @stranahan @PreetBharara Ashcroft's hat is probably as white as they come...
@JarradKushner Maybe one of his friends in Russian politics or the mafia might have given it to him?
RT @realDonaldTrump: “Revenge is sweet and not fattening.” - Alfred Hitchcock
Well that might count as an in-kind contribution to the Democrats by all those 'news' networks & papers that promot… https://t.co/51Vc9ExSlK
Amen, Sgt. Friday! Even Hillary donors couldn't find evidence of collusion! https://t.co/SJtNsXK0wE
@paul_serran Actually, I was talking about this the other day. Mueller's spokesman said 3 of Mueller's prosecutors… https://t.co/0oRuzhTCa4
@apinkrose @xmanusr4d @dongange @JeffMacIsHere Yeah, and that is only the facts I could identify in May of last yea… https://t.co/pL9xowyZpV
@Patriotdistress @STUinSD @BenKTallmadge Looks entirely fake to me, there aren't many false flag operations. They a… https://t.co/ko6JuAH7lM
@lynnemiles01 It sounds insane, because it is insane! But that didn't stop them from pretending to believe it!
@mccoy_lonnie Thanks Lonnie!