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RT @GeneralSamsSec: Full review of @MetroVideoGame: there's boobies. 10/10.
RT @DolanDark: I had to make one of these
RT @Djxyz0: I'm sorry Guardian, Cayde is no longer with us. He's in Heaven now. Me:
RT @Monstercat: #Monstercat024 – Vanguard: Destiny Edition 😺
Let the man rest.
@ZetaTheXeno I didn't think about that. But like... One in an apocalyptic setting like A Quite Place and Birdbox.
So when are we going to get a horror movie about not hearing? The trifecta needs to be completed.
RT @mrmoncus: "Same meat. Same bone. But so very different." @Bungie @DestinyComArt
RT @Mmeladydunlavey: If you don't know what this is about don't worry: He WILL come to you #Aladdin #Aladdintrailer #genie #willsmith https…
RT @MoistCr1TiKaL: I finally came out to my parents as a gamer. They handled it well, my dad was a bit hesitant to accept it at first, but…
@souljaboy You were just begging your fans for money. Fuck off.
@souljaboy @EliotETC @rickyftw Soulja is at it again.
RT @RayNarvaezJr: Holy shit the Halo Infinite gameplay trailer is sick! Can’t wait to play this!!!