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RT @bgzimmer: Congrats to @dom, recognized in the latest update to the @OED as the earliest known user of "twitter" as a verb, both intrans…
@kellan I’ve noticed an improvement in AirPod performance with the new pair. Power user. On calls like all day.
RT @ECMcLaughlin: IF YOU CARE ABOUT WHAT TRUMP IS DOING AT THE BORDER, you need to read and share this thread. @jacobsoboroff @JuliaEAins
RT @JohnBoyega: I miss the days when people said “I don’t know”
RT @TCHRadio: We're talking screen time on The Children's Hour this week, with special guests @UNMHSC Dr. Kristina Sowar, and @dom with adv…
RT @NPRinskeep: Request: “Dad, can today be yesterday?”
Steve Jobs ‘BOOM’ complete compilation.
Apple WWDC Keynote was a delight from start to finish. Thank you to the heroes who contributed ❤️
RT @boxmining: Roundup of the Top Crypto Exchanges that I personally use😀 and avoid 😈
RT @crypto_birb: Greatest milestone of 50k followers is REAL🔥🙏 To celebrate I decided to launch THE WEEK OF PRESENTS for my followers 🎁#1
Check this: Winston—The World’s Most Advanced Online Privacy Device
RT @pm: I had a dream I sent Bitcoin to my Tesla to buy groceries for me, but Bitcoin went up, and I had to take apart my car to get it bac…
RT @goldengateblond: Thread. I had no idea this was even happening.
Remembering today the fallen, those friends and family who made the ultimate sacrifice to support the choices we no…
@BigZaphod Woah. Thanks for that. Always thrilling to follow you man haha
@mistersql Woah, I just noticed how many retweets this one has — almost 40k! Haha I guess it proved useful.
RT @HoarseWisperer: I spent yest with my five closest mom friends. As a single dad, I treasure these relationships. Being accepted and at…