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RT @bigmouth: it's officially the time of the valen so let's sing a song about it
RT @AB89x: Know of too many athletes who broke quickly after they retire. Be aware of who hands in ya pockets and don't trust everybody. Ma…
RT @JColeNC: So Far Gone super classic forever.
RT @Nationals: 🎶 Aaaaaat laaaaaaaaast... loooove has come along 🎶
RT @hondadeal4vets: Fun drinking game: Take a shot of water every couple hours to make sure you are healthy and hydrated
RT @Cubs: Gloves are popping in AZ.
RT @Wendys: Driving past other burger places like: They're frozen. They're frozen 2. They're frozen 2. They're frozen 2. Wait, what tr…
RT @llightSABer: i hate having a mirror across from my bed because i always have to wake up to my stupid ass face
RT @hondadeal4vets: Save the 🐳 save the 🐝 let’s have peace on earth , fuck the haters
RT @DLoesch: God doesn’t hate. Bless you.
RT @elonmusk: 😅 thank goodness it’s not November
RT @ABREG_1: We’ll see about that
RT @BWWings: It’s trade deadline day. Make us an offer.
RT @wotgank: stop being a fucking coochie head and tell ur crush that you like them or else they'll fucking kiss your neighbor or whoever a…
RT @bigmouth: Valentine's Day can be HARD. #BigMouth: My Furry Valentine, now streaming on @netflix.
RT @hondadeal4vets: Fuck Sea World , Save the whales