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This is something I wonder the whole time watching The Boys. The wanna play up on the duality of Homelander secretl… https://t.co/feVKkNuwJx
Stormfront&Homelander's lil romance makes my fuckin skin crawl. 2 horrible ppl who bring out the worst in each othe… https://t.co/2JUa0LjIXn
19 year old Swizz Beatz was on top of the world in 1998. https://t.co/kuVY0hEXyr
RT @mrwtffacts: Koala bears spend up to 22 hours a day sleeping. The rest of their time is spent eating & wandering around aimlessly search…
RT @TGTheTruth: My homie just asked me what Lovecraft Country is about and this was my response https://t.co/e2rDZw5PAn
RT @cpenn4thewin: A few minutes away from another Primetime kickoff! Might as well do another video in regards to this: Go to https://t.co
RT @TaylorRooks: Doc Rivers was one of the most important people in the bubble. Players constantly looked to him for guidance and he was a…
Me...myself who is both a Patrick Lavon Mahomes II and Lamar Demeatrice Jackson Jr fan, watching the Ravens of Balt… https://t.co/SKrCdOTVw2
The Spicy Meter™ rankings for the possible reasons Doc left: Clips & Doc amicably agreed to split- 🌶️ Doc wanted… https://t.co/M2KnPJr8KD
What if Doc was like "we gotta trade PG" and the Clips were like "nah" and Doc was like "well fuck it then I'm out"… https://t.co/4jbOpIfLK5
@JonesOnTheNBA I can see Kawhi never leaving. PG a different dude tho. He chose Oklahoma over LA once before. Nothi… https://t.co/ao1MoJfAXz
Gotta give that job to Lue. Gotta promote from within on this one. You've got one season to convince the two dudes… https://t.co/orUYQlXKkg