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RT @BrentSpiner: I am outraged!!! (Just trying to get a head start on tomorrow’s news).
RT @bunsenbernerbmd: Update. I’m back to my old self! Thanks for all your concerns! Even though it was pretty 🤢 last night. #adventure #li
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@BlickDonnie @ValarieJ @caIIlope @The_Law_Boy More like "Capitalism is a system that rewards the people who cheat, lie, and steal the most."
RT @tjohnson1960: Our sweet boy Bingley turns 2 today. His hooman isn’t very good with the Twitter thing. He would appreciate likes and pic…
RT @_papacito_: boy I thought this was a Doberman with a pedicure https://t.co/3MCWhSmtSb
RT @pisces_scopes: Aug 16th: If more people were willing to accept that they don't know something and less inclined to bluff their response…
@IVWall Bruh, the first few minutes of episode one when they panning through the town. I was blown away by all the crazy.
Basically I'm asking, how do I keep my stories under 10k words?
@GeoffThorne How to keep your short stories, short. Under 10k words.
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@stevendeknight @angelt18 I pay no attention to BIC. It's like the comic book news version of Drudge report.