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The New York Times is NOT the "ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE". I will take the First Amendment over a Lying, bigoted, crimin… https://t.co/KDToaeCkw9
BREAKING: Michael Cohen will testify before the House Oversight and House Intel Committees next week. Trump’s wors… https://t.co/vOFCCMFhoa
Another Fox News personality appears to be under the microscope. What is she trying to hide? https://t.co/tEawPMePUG
The 25th Amendment IS part of “The Constitution” https://t.co/irHcWxGh4A
@RudyGiuliani The 25th Amendment IS “The Constitution”
Next week the House will vote on a bill to force background checks on all firearm purchases. Next week we get to f… https://t.co/ssFx1sLyK2
I dare you to listen to this interview with Beto O’Rourke’s former campaign manager, @jodyforbeto and walk away thi… https://t.co/9QeNNNCPm8
@Comey The longer we go without holding Trump accountable for his lies, the more that lying becomes the new norm. D… https://t.co/IuOdQpiK6X
Obstruction of Justice is a crime. President Trump has obstructed justice. The only question that remains is whet… https://t.co/1FfENWSvQT
This is a great cause. Let's stick it to Trump and help people like this. https://t.co/9JMQhBDpYP
It’s beginning already…. Meanwhile Trump is slashing protections against election interference! It’s almost as if… https://t.co/FixsLY53aR
@ReallyShy77 @JacobAWohl Too bad that Jacob didn't include the rest of the thread where I said this terrorist shoul… https://t.co/KZvcDWjJ7b
@realDonaldTrump I am old enough to remember when you referred to White Supremacists (domestic terrorists) as "very fine people."
@realDonaldTrump Anyone who joins ISIS should not be allowed back into America. That's a decision you make. The… https://t.co/2ceYFhWW9f
@realDonaldTrump Good move, one of very few you have made in 2 years.
It's about time that Tucker Carlson loses his job! https://t.co/LAyIOBOJG7
I agree. Now it's time to hold Domestic terrorists and self-admitted sexual abusers to a similar standard. https://t.co/R5BZ1hJo6L
If it's true and the Mueller report is released next week, you know what that means, right? DONALD TRUMP JR. will… https://t.co/MGBTv4JmAk
@RepSwalwell Good call. I hear the health inspectors have found mice and flies in the kitchen there.