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RT @taifIower: this is so digusting. you can leave the puppies at an animal shelter if you are unequipped to offer care. you are torturing…
RT @Y2SHAF: i think 90% of my financial problems would be solved if i just ate the food i have at home
@ReqDianelys Yasss to that tan bitch
Truth is always truth and light always overcomes the dark
RT @jxjay__: Pray on it. Pray over it. Pray through it.
RT @GawdBodyHooper: Pro tip: if you pay attention, people usually tell on themselves. They almost always do.
@rebeccablackx_ She’s the connect
RT @Zachgps: cologne will get a female attention before a gucci belt will .
RT @ZhaneNovell: Being grabbed and loved on in the middle of the night... nothing like it. I melt.
RT @nemlocc: his hair lmaooooooo https://t.co/ctFVLpAsCY
RT @Pregnancy_Video: A girl child blind by birth, sees the world for the first time. A guy donated his eyes to her. Watch her reactions see…
Me at work 🌸 https://t.co/VGf6w09s8Z
RT @taniaf_x: Ya gut feeling never wrong
RT @victoriasvp: If everybody could be loved on as much as I be loved on, I really think the world would be such a better place
RT @kueenkathy: everyones got their cousin that isn’t their cousin but says it’s their cousin
RT @trashygaytweets: No Tears Left To Cry has aged like fine wine https://t.co/ZbslLG5GkI
All I wanna do is hear act up but in @lilyachty voice 😩
RT @masikakalysha: I feel him with every piece of my being. Smh and that baby STILL ain’t dressed right! Smfh dfacs!!!! https://t.co/hTz2jI
I love how Ally just looks at my belly sometimes and says Helloooooo 😂🤰🏻
I really want some fruits