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RT @ruckin_: me trying not to tell someone what i’ve bought them as a present https://t.co/7rq1QilJpw
RT @astroIogee: me trying to get out of a ticket https://t.co/q5mvdMYps2
RT @whoDAfuckisTIKI: It’s 7 o’clock on the dot they got they glocks out pointed at me https://t.co/KA0LgQkMWT
RT @kashmirVIII: It was at this moment I realized that Cardi B was destined to be Iconic https://t.co/ciFei27e1U
RT @Yamelarriagaxoo: I almost gave up on this look by the 3rd heart 🤧 glad I didnt 💗😍 full deets on the gram, but this is ALL @jamescharle
RT @theempressnic: Nobody watches you harder than people that can’t stand you 🤷🏽‍♀️
RT @vanessacalleir0: Nicki Minaj fans vs night owl cookies is an argument I never expected to see in my life
@ReqDianelys I’m going to send you the one my dad made 😂
RT @ouudanny: bruh Cuban grandmas don’t give a fuck LMAO https://t.co/SZ5QdroDUc
RT @co_depend: therapist: u often use humor to deflect serious trauma me: thank u therapist: i didnt say that was a good thing me: what…
RT @jaquez_dani: I’ve been craving these hoes for the longest https://t.co/UfwmzcgMXH
RT @_YungJosh: Nobody act better than a nigga on his last strike lmfaooo https://t.co/HJGTICrDzz
RT @_AdoreJoo: Trina A REAL One
RT @Castaw6y: cards FOR humanity https://t.co/m0jnlsvnmD
RT @YoungZell_: yo dad need to be on bad girls club https://t.co/YKOKoXDyDq
RT @AsapRockySnaps: TRAVIS? I'M PRETTY FLACKO. https://t.co/G2sAw4IKCC
RT @loveandhiphop: Who got your back like Trina got Joy’s? 😢 #LHHMIA https://t.co/kHihy8oXld
RT @mirandablake41: The day I quit my job, I’ll genuinely be content
RT @jeffreybutera: when some random person who knows me calls my name to say hi but i don’t have my glasses https://t.co/N7RcGcd2Ob