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RT @lilyachty: Y’all sum whores
I made this sign for my daughter. After we dropped her off at school he asked if I took my sign down and that if pa… https://t.co/CIrsD3KIWR
He crashed my car it wasn’t his fault but he gave the other person at fault $60 to fix their car because he don’t l… https://t.co/FvjUULGhKq
He hung a receipt on the rear view mirror because we parked in a handicapped spot 😩 https://t.co/sJuc9KJdQS
Morning/Day/Night Home/Office/Wherever He’s always watching Videos with the Volume on high https://t.co/UhKulevohj
I cried after I dropped Ally off at school ☹️ she’s such a big girl now.
RT @jollibaee__: “I’m not your dad girl, I’m your mom” 😭😭😭😭😂😂😂 I love @bretmanrock so much! https://t.co/4S3v87gqD9
RT @chrissyteigen: I like this for a bird box situation but it seems dangerous. at least I'll be asleep as I careen down a waterfall https:…
I lost 27 pounds in one month after giving birth 🎉
Still wondering if making my baby a tiktok account was smart of me as a mother
RT @ItsMeekMill: I don’t care about anyone liking me. Most of you motherfuckers don’t like yourselves