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@lidlikr Simply put, I think he'll have a world class season again and a even better one. They ain't ready.
@lidlikr I meant they ain't ready for his 2nd Golden Boot. 😂
Liverpool Football Club lives rent free in Pep Guardiola's head. https://t.co/r1RsfsdAuK
Manchester City and VAR. Better love story than Twilight. https://t.co/F2UwCTRsB4
• UEFA Super Cup Winners • 6 out of 6 points • Top of the league • Man City drop points • VAR at it again • Spur… https://t.co/WTBnbXWI2l
Manchester City vs Tottenham • Etihad Stadium • 90th minute winner • VAR cancels it Twice? You can't make it up. I love this game. 😂
2 points ahead of Man City 2 games into the season is what we needed. We keep winning and put the pressure on the… https://t.co/FJ0FXX9nlp
It's happened again, it's happened again. Manchester City, it's happened again. https://t.co/5aKzh7taZ2
@KuntasticAguero I don't know what this has anything to do with the post but since we're being random... https://t.co/AfFKgopAFd
Mauricio Pochettino needs to put more respect on Lucas Moura's name.
Would you rather Man City drop 3 points or City and Spurs drop 2 points each?
I can watch Man City vs Tottenham now with so much less stress knowing we got 6 out of 6 points. 😂
@johnogod Thought he had a good spell in the 2nd half. You have to remember he's been out for a year.
Sadio Mané was untouchable. 4 big chanes created, 1 assist and 1 screamer. My Man of the Match. https://t.co/v3cNoCcq9w
This Liverpool team played 120 mins on Wednesday, didn't play their best but won 2-1 Something we've struggled to… https://t.co/SBJRyFJoFV
@SuperiorxSalah @AnfieldRd96 I've been doing this before I ever saw his posts or followed him. Most of my tweets ac… https://t.co/olHQQf6hsk