RT @FWHoneyBadger: Not too bad!! Elite one dreams https://t.co/04YJOl8uHH
RT @FWHoneyBadger: Not too bad!! Elite one dreams https://t.co/04YJOl8uHH
RT @AdelaideUnited: Enjoyed this from @Jamie_ODoherty last night 😂 #AUFC #ELeague @ELeagueAus https://t.co/lrgF6z01xq
Our #FUTChampions leaderboards now has team/nation data for almost all players in the current Top 100 on PS4/Xbox g… https://t.co/glJCHIvXiM
RT @FUTWIZDan: One more weekend to go for the #FUTChampions Cup 2 #FIFAeWorldCup qualifying month! Our #TeamFUTWIZ pros are in a great posi…
RT @zelonius92: Stream starting at 7:30! T100 rewards followed by Pro Co-Op road to 100-0, currently 18-0! Hope to see you boys there ❤️ ht…
RT @FUTWIZTom: My 39-1 rewards... no walkout from 3 100k packs. Asensio as my best inform 😤 You hate to see it. https://t.co/QyBshHagr7
RT @FUTWIZDubzje: Can’t complain about my 100k packs - who did you guys pack in your rewards? I decided to save my Top100 pack. 😁🔥 #TeamF
New Prime Icon SBCs are on the site! https://t.co/I2myVdI4JN https://t.co/zJHXWVtf70
RT @la5ty: Check out today’s @FUTWIZ review of IF GAMEIRO! A fan favourite! https://t.co/lYveLw0DlN https://t.co/5JI2EtEt2Y
RT @EASPORTSFIFA: Prime ICON @PatrickKluivert 🇳🇱, Michael Laudrup 🇩🇰 & Laurent Blanc 🇫🇷 available now in packs and in SBCs! #FUT #TBT https…
RT @Jamie_ODoherty: SCENES! The hand sign at the start was an ‘A’ for my uncle Ash in the crowd by the way 😉 massive 3 points in the bag gl…
RT @ELeagueAus: 👌 Class from @Jamie_ODoherty @FUTWIZ https://t.co/2WHG7t2TJc
A 3-0 win for Jamie secures 3 points and a 5-1 aggregate win for @AdelaideUnited after @ZacMayburgess won his game… https://t.co/CYfAA9XRPh
#TeamFUTWIZ Pro @Jamie_ODoherty representing @AdelaideUnited is about to take on @gomvfc 's @mitchaustin10 in the… https://t.co/1Fl9LEkOSL
He does this instead https://t.co/GextTKBLS5
Why can't my TOTY De Gea do that
RT @zelonius92: Stream going live! Discuss totw, be playing Jamboo first, if any other pros want some games on stream let me know! https://…
RT @DoonansNDragons: For #FIFA18 Pro Clubs players who may want to better understand how Virtual Pro progression works, check out this (hop…
RT @Jamie_ODoherty: 2,200 FIFA Points Giveaway! All you need to do is RETWEET this tweet and follow myself @Jamie_ODoherty & my team-mate @