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RT @CONSlSTENSY: Ask before assuming 👌🏾
Those Chanel slides are nasty af 😩
She fucked 2 rappers an 3 singers!!!!!
Alot of people probably not gonna understand why #HNDRXX is such a classic
RT @1future: #1 #2 album in the world 🙏🏾🙏🏾 god got me,Sorry
RT @DrakeBible_: when bae doesn't text me back https://t.co/PyaXbMwc7D
@worldwidepriest Bruh when you hear it you gonna be juiced I got that new sound
This Interlude is so fire y'all not ready for my project
RT @Ayee__Jesus: Anyone can rap but not everyone can make a song... Niggas need to learn to vibe on a beat😴
4 days to sell 20 tickets... Who tryna see the gang rock a show 🤔
RT @BC_Abrams32: Magic: "I'll put my blood, sweat, and tears into making the lakers good again" Me: Blood? https://t.co/ZIpaHSA5w0
Back to sleep then
Not even 2 seconds in and I was interrupted...
Nap time
Becoming more and more isolated
Listen to Fat Ty - G.O.D by LitGangJxsus #np on #SoundCloud https://t.co/1jyz86zZrb
RT @Armystrongjess1: Spread the word . Prayers sent to the Garcia family ❤🙏🏼 RIP . https://t.co/mrHEANyxSp
RT @Complex: Rumor has it @1future's dropping ANOTHER album this week. Does this dude ever sleep? https://t.co/rTaktnZflU https://t.co/6n
RT @XXL: Is Future dropping a new album this Friday? https://t.co/W7ef4eCyTF https://t.co/DsWfU3Igk6
What set you claim https://t.co/Msl7G7KPLg