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RT @stephanieboland: In London, childcare costs have risen 7 fold against the cost of earnings in the last decade—but suppose abstracted id…
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I grew up on an army barracks, facing the threat of violence. We routinely checked under our cars for bombs - I kne… https://t.co/ltwYG8g0Wp
I have nothing useful to say about this poor dead journalist. But in her 20s, out covering the beat that had always… https://t.co/NUc2SNrUPf
I’m on #GoodMorningWales at around 8:30 talking about why any salesperson or website that tries to pressure you int… https://t.co/MroSBQZePI
RT @NaomiOhReally: This is Lyra's reporting on suicide in Northern Ireland for @TheAtlantic and @mosaicscience https://t.co/Gvz9H13s1u http…
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RT @Whughsimpson: Received a work email at 10pm. I liked the sign off. "I like to work flexibly. I’m sending this email now because it suit…
@lauramalarkey There is no 'should' about how you feel. It's hard, it's exhausting, it's professionally difficult.… https://t.co/18JCmBjDas
@iamelliestott Love this! Not right for this one but I will share with the team
@lauramalarkey Hope you're okay. It can be really hard xx
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@RachelWait It's fine - they benefit, we benefit, everyone benefits. But it is hard x
@_CharlotteS94 UK really
Looking for businesses that have done innovative, grand-scale things to reduce their environmental impact or who ar… https://t.co/WzirY35AhJ
@PRVix Could literally only be worse if you had avocado in your hair.