FifaMyles (@FifaMyles)

@Tweetthesam @_Hazpilicueta @fariskhan_ I think I love you 😂😂
@mrobimotala @RiZzyUTD I mean Tottenham wanted him, Real Madrid and Barca Want to buy him now so hmmm deluded much ?
@mrobimotala @RiZzyUTD He would go into your team over everyone, the only person better in your team that’s not injured is Salah
@SheaRoach3 @markgoldbridge Bro are you dumb ? Did you go to school?
@SheaRoach3 @markgoldbridge If you think KDB is better RIGHT NOW ! You are deluded
@freddiequinn691 @markgoldbridge You are dumb asf wow you don’t know ball
@abdra122 @AbhikUTD @markgoldbridge Let me guess your another biased Tottenham fan haha
@thealchemistroc @markgoldbridge You are stupid bro you don’t know ball
@shravan_k96 @RiZzyUTD Yeh which is worse than Bruno, right now Bruno is better than KDB and younger