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@NikhilSumanDash @dale_diggler And parasite is probably the only non-English film they’ve seen lol
@SalamandersNova @marvel_shots That’s like saying you can’t have beautiful animation
@CA_blatherskite Well said
@tommykevans3 I think this would be my answer too
@Ivana2804 Lol I wanted to make it a difficult decision
@tommykevans3 For me, by “selling out” you would lose that creative control and be forced to do what the studio wan…
@CinematicScott I loved it the first time and actually liked it more the second time as well.
RT @FilmTVPolls: Pick a less popular Scorsese
As an actor or director, would you “sell-out” and make a shitty blockbuster for A LOT of money? Discuss below!
When I was watching tenet, when they were explaining what they planned to do it made no sense. But when they actual…
@avizcoTDE Tough one. Kanye Earl Drake Travis Kendrick JPEG Playboi Pop smoke Love all of them and the list cou…
@FilmFreeak Showed it to the rest of my family. So much fun seeing their reactions.
@ThatEricAlper Matt and Leo in an elevator
I always find myself going back to The Social Network’s score when studying. Absolutely fantastic. @trent_reznor
@FilmFreeak @CinematicScott What if that was your assignment and she just missed out on the 💰