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@RealKevinPalmer Shocking is becoming normal.
If you haven’t seen the De Gea save, check it out 😳
Comforting that in one area, at least, you’re a lightweight.
@Neil_Harman57 @paddybarclay @theofficialfwa Top bloke.
@paddybarclay @theofficialfwa As Bill Bateson once said to me when he was sports editor at the NOTW “We try to do a…
Interesting thoughts from the guys here:
@RK_sports Most kind. Cheers
RT @gilescoren: And as the sensitive issues around sex workers, sexual harrassment and abuse, exploitative charity workers and government r…
RT @Sporf: 🤔 How do you stop Lionel Messi? 🗣 Frank Lampard: "You have to say to the nearest player...get close to him!" 👀 🗣 @GaryLineker
Not sure I’ve mentioned Messi much lately so here you go:
Messi’s first goal at Stamford Bridge in 730 minutes football:
Messi scores for the first time ever against Chelsea. Suppose he’ll want me to come and see him before every game now. 🙄
Willian’s goal for your pleasure: