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#UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia - Ā£4.7 billion #France arms sales to Saudi Arabia - ā‚¬2.7 billion Boris and Macronā€¦
We don't have to worry about leaving a paper trail when it comes to arming #SaudiArabia; our bomb-parts, scatteredā€¦
Ā£8.4bn spent in #Iraq. 'Funding the #NHS is too costly!' Ā£1.5bn spent in #Syria. 'Funding the #DWP is too costlā€¦
This racist Saudi troll attacked me using an offensive term against Palestinians. The Saudi regime actively supportā€¦
I will unleash crippling austerity, then accuse you of wanting to make the poor 'poorer'! I will sell arms to sponā€¦
#GavinWilliamson gave state secrets up to China's communist government. #BorisJohnson invited China's communist goā€¦
Bloody hell! As if #SaudiArabia wasn't bad enough, we are inviting #China's authoritarian regime, currently crackinā€¦
The government will revoke the citizenship of those who join the #IslamicState, but sees no issue selling billionsā€¦
335 children killed. 600 children injured. That's only in 2018. #Tory arms sales to #SaudiArabia have ruined theā€¦
If you think the #UK should be speaking out against #Bahrain's abuses of #HumanRights instead of enabling them, pleā€¦
A reminder that: - #Britain has sold $500k in spyware to Bahrain - #BorisJohnson gave over Ā£2m to support Bahrain'ā€¦
Stating that violent video games lead to real-world violence is the stupidest thing I've heard. I doubtā€¦