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Guatemala outlawed child marriage in August 2017.
The young survivors are being deported to nations where they have no relatives – then end up prey to traffickers on…
Prime Minister Narendra Modi is expected to announce the biggest government health care program in the world.
#WillSmith is jumping out of a helicopter to bring education to all children through an @omaze campaign supporting…
It's a dirty job, but somebody has to do it.
New Zealand is at it again 🙌🇳🇿
New Zealand is banning plastic bags – and the country's children are partly to thank 🎉
"I knew there was something greater for me, so I fought back." Thank you for sharing your story @TaniaRashid9.
Finally some good news for the world's oceans!
Luuuuda! ❤️
"Every once in a while a human being shares something so beautiful it restores my faith in humanity."
"Ensuring good health is a human rights issue – and a gender equality one," Norway's Minister of International Deve…
This could be a huge breakthrough in the fight against malaria.
Believe it or not, global tree cover may actually be increasing.
.@PearlJam donated 90% of its $11 million proceeds to 40 local organizations 🙌
These birds are geniuses.
What makes Africa such a beautiful continent? Its people ✌🏿
"No matter what sex you are, be a feminist." – Helen Mirren 📰: @BBCAMERICA #GalaxyOfWomen