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Displacement itself actually makes refugees and migrants more vulnerable to infectious diseases.
Scientists say we may have reached a stage of irrevocable melting, and it could have dire consequences for the worl…
This news is sparking so much joy ✨✨
"We're arming girls and young women to make decisions for themselves."
Previously, a woman had to get signed consent from a male guardian before acquiring any details about her own pregn…
Every child deserves an education.
Things we love: When technology is used for good ❤️
About 13.2 million children in the country are out of school.
It's enough food to feed every Canadian for five months.
Over 750,000 old flip-flops were removed from Kenya's beaches and waterways last year – and turned into art.
Healthy food isn't just good for you – it's good for the planet too.
Watch one of MLK's most famous speeches, "I've been to the mountaintop." #MLK90
Refugees can now register births, marriages and deaths, and have access to financial services.
"There has been ... a lot of lip service but not enough action."
The amazing service delivers tampons and contraceptives to women in need.
Dr. King urged all nations to work together to wipe out poverty: "Just as nonviolence exposed the ugliness of racia…
"I call upon the international community to hold its responsibilities to protect women from sexual violence in conf…
These female activists fearlessly took a stand for what they believe in – and would make MLK proud. #MLK #MLKDay
"People used to laugh at us, but why should women sit at home?"
"My job is to talk about periods every day."