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RT @TeaPainUSA: You might wanna think twice when the Russian's plan was to elect an incompetent puppet as President and they chose your par…
RT @TeaPainUSA: Trump keeps tellin' us the "election is over", which will be more believable as soon as he stops campaignin'. @realDonaldT
RT @rolandsmartin: Maybe because YOU called China a currency manipulator all throughout the campaign. Or did you forget? We didn't! https:/…
RT @stephscrafano: #TaxMarch crowd in NYC stretches for blocks as protesters make their way to Trump Tower
RT @ZerlinaMaxwell: The audacity of trump bashing obama for playing golf when he's about to start wwIII from the 9th hole is what white pri…
RT @MadisonSiriusXM: TODAY-1963, Sidney Poitier became the first African American to win an #Oscar for Best Actor.
RT @APWUnational: Get the Facts! Postal Reform Q & As - #HR756
RT @RBReich: Mitch McConnell has consistently placed party over country. He is no patriot. He has shamed himself, the Republican Party, and…
RT @MayaRockeymoore: Gorsuch: Always remember and never forget, when Republicans lose, they cheat
RT @nytimes: When Obama sought approval for strikes in Syria, the GOP said no. Trump didn't ask for approval, but got support.
RT @CNN: Cashier: Wouldn't you rather have a doll that looks like you? Girl: "She is a pretty girl, I am a pretty girl"
RT @RawStory: Donald Trump personally profited from missile-maker Raytheon’s stock jump after his Syria attack http…
RT @AP: Death toll rises to 21, with 38 injured as bomb explodes in a church north of Cairo on Palm Sunday.
RT @KeithOlbermann: Syria saw it coming, moved personnel - and equipment - off the bombed base. Russians warned. An impotent stunt. https:/…
RT @TxYankee33: Just in case, anyone has forgotten. #SyriaStrikes
RT @DarrenConnolly_: Just gonna leave this here for everyone to see. #SyriaStrikes
RT @jefftiedrich: Hannity is deleting his old Syria tweets. I can't imagine why
RT @TeaPainUSA: When Trump claims he acted in compassion to save a people he wants to ban from our country, the keyword here is "acted." #T