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RT @Local7136: U.S. Senate: _Senators of the 115th Congress
RT @richardhine: Trump just literally blew a kiss to James Comey at a WH reception for law enforcement
RT @CNN: An ethics group says it will file a federal lawsuit claiming President Trump is violating the Constitution
RT @MadisonSiriusXM: TODAY-1849: James Monroe Gregory, the first graduate of @HowardU. #history
RT @MadisonSiriusXM: TODAY-1891: Chicago Provident Hospital, founded by Dr. Daniel Hale Williams, opened the first training school for Afri…
@CNN keep reporting the news. Don't let up on this #FakePresident
RT @CNNPolitics: Comparing President Donald Trump's inauguration crowd to the #WomensMarch
RT @CNNPolitics: On Day Two, Trump prayed, met the CIA and attacked the press
You can't make this stuff up!Trump Camp mad at truthteller
RT @MMFlint: Near the parade route, speaking to 20,000 protesters! Demonstrators outnumber pro-Trump crowd by a huge margin.
RT @SenWarren: We must measure @POTUS @realDonaldTrump by actions, not only words. And today he made it harder for families to achieve the…
RT @CNNPolitics: Alec Baldwin impersonates Donald Trump during a massive protest in New York City
RT @WhiteHouse: Yes we can. Yes we did. Thank you for being a part of the past eight years.
RT @SenWarren: .@realDonaldTrump promised over & over that he wouldn’t cut Medicare & Medicaid, but his @HHSgov nominee won't make the same…
RT @CNNPolitics: Obama: Voting restrictions trace directly back to Jim Crow and slavery
RT @AP: BREAKING: Police: Suspect in fatal shooting of Orlando officer has been captured after week-long manhunt.
RT @RepJayapal: Amazing. 2,000 people have turned out at our event to protect and expand the Affordable Care Act! #OurFirstStand https://t.…
RT @BernieSanders: Real change always takes place from the bottom on up. Real change happens when people come together to demand it. #OurFi
RT @BernieSanders: This is the wealthiest country in history. It's time we got our national priorities right and guarantee health care. #Ou
RT @NYCMayor: Healthcare is a right, not a privilege. Congress: stop playing politics with the lives of New Yorkers who depend on the ACA.…