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@jubyhz @Perrybr231 @indystar Understood. Not necessarily trying to convince you. Just happy to have clarity. Have a good night.
@jubyhz @Perrybr231 @indystar I do understand. I don’t think you want to argue what is at issue here. State legisla… https://t.co/SY0adGdrvK
@jubyhz @Perrybr231 @indystar Yes. I’m aware of that. That’s a little different than a voucher. And that’s good. Bu… https://t.co/oNdjP36QGL
@jubyhz @Perrybr231 @indystar Not sure how one could get a voucher if one is already in a private school. As far as… https://t.co/C8Uy6ezeN9
RT @GreenBeretFound: On this day 50 years ago, then-Staff Sgt. Drew D. Dix was awarded the #MedalofHonor for conspicuous gallantry and intr…
@Perrybr231 @jubyhz @indystar Agreed. I was intending satire on my last.
RT @AdamCarollaShow: Adam had a few thoughts on the Gilette commercial. #WeAreNotTheSame https://t.co/bBtZTWflHW
@jubyhz @indystar It’s voluntary. The schools just need to forfeit their right to run the school as they see fit. M… https://t.co/koMufOkwVn
RT @GreenBeretFound: Today we remember Sgt. 1st Class Benjamin B. Wise killed in action on this day 7 years ago. SFC Wise was assigned to A…
@motherwounded How about I raise my kids as I see fit and you go to hell?
@indystar The state wants to hold veto powers over how parochial and private schools staff themselves and the curri… https://t.co/8eOeTmbwoa
@NBCSBlackhawks I would prefer that he had returned with silver.
RT @GreenBeretFound: De Oppresso Liber 🇺🇸 https://t.co/Xt7ZBj9ETk
@Buccigross What’s her name?
RT @dandakich: My top 5 #5 The Velt #4 Calumet #3 Hammond Civic Center #2 West Side #1 ANDREAN The Region's top 10 prep basketball gymnasiu…
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