HERMusicx (@HERMusicx)

.@iHeartRadio Guest DJ! I shared some of my favorite songs and stories on air. Listen here:… https://t.co/P67M57imci
RT @stepphhhxo: I will say @HERMusicx set last night was incredible. that prince tribute & her vocals alone got me in tears.. amazing.
RT @_saracostello: The only artist I saw who REALLY made me cry lol @HERMusicxhttps://t.co/daYw3Cgog8
RT @NecieLove: When I say she was incredible! 🙌🏽🧡 @HERMusicx https://t.co/Cm5d9pGQyT
RT @just_LIV_yalife: I already love @HERMusicx but her set last night made me love her even more. Sooo talented
RT @Edboy1996: Me everytime @HERMusicx finished a song at Coachella https://t.co/Zm4imNRafB
RT @dwoodyd: I'm officially putting it out there that @HERMusicx might just have become my favorite performance of @coachella But who's sur…
RT @legalizemallory: Shed actual tears at @HERMusicx tonight. That girl... mannnnn
RT @maramoreworld: Hard Place x @HERMusicx @ Coachella 🧡
RT @bwoodsjr: Just heard @HERMusicx perform “Hard Place” at @coachella ... wow! Such a great moment. Thoroughly enjoyed that.
.@Coachella Weekend 2. Can’t wait to perform TONIGHT! ✨ #Coachella2019 https://t.co/oBEynGD6aK https://t.co/JcyS5gifpX
RT @StaceeRashaun: My fave @HERMusicx performs again tonight 💁🏽‍♀️💁🏽‍♀️💁🏽‍♀️💁🏽‍♀️
RT @MightyBea_: I cannot wait to see @HERMusicx performance 😭 literally a queen
RT @chasethebahm: When @HERMusicx says 🎶I want you off my miiiind, and on me🎶 https://t.co/nRhdHhRzmd
RT @scafemiester: listening to @HERMusicx guest DJ on @iHeartRadio this afternoon 😍
RT @Angel_Kubheka: @HERMusicx - Every kind of way
Weekend 2 at Coachella. ❤️ Excited for my performance on Sunday. See you there. @UGG #UGGlifehttps://t.co/d9YGbl6hgq