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Culés, which dates would you prefer?
(🌕) ELECTION NEWS: December 19 and 20 is the proposal that is on the table as the first option. January 9 and 10, i… https://t.co/tpoeFJt7Sj
End of thread. 🤝
And obviously, the topic of elections was discussed, for which Tusquets has between 40 days and 3 months to set the… https://t.co/chNPPdZvRT
Another hot topic on the table was the agreement to join the European Super League as announced yesterday by Bartom… https://t.co/Dfoj3jf9jZ
Special importance was given to the negotiations with the players and workers regarding a salary reduction. Now the… https://t.co/zC0djIrDfE
(🌕) Bartomeu, Former President, and Carles Tusquets, who is in charge of the club until elections, had met for 3 ho… https://t.co/PSWTbNqQXC
Obviously, for other players, Bartomeu's departure was a surprise. De Jong, for example, maintained a very good rel… https://t.co/l3rWkw0MJV
Bartomeu’s relationship with some of the players was non-existent. Messi and Bartomeu had NOT spoken since months.… https://t.co/N0m2Z8T6Bt
In any case, the staff approved Bartomeu’s decision: they consider that from now on the noise will be reduced in th… https://t.co/jVL2CCt20V
(🌕) Barcelona staff & players had found out about the resignation of the board while having dinner at a Turin hotel… https://t.co/3zpkMs2S8R
@griezmannility_ Dkm, have a good day tho 😂🤝
@ihatemyselfcb @Alfremartinezz said that we could have a new president by January; so let’s see. But I personally d… https://t.co/fYu9TwKgbS
@Soumyad01246875 Doubt we will be seeing any major movements this winter. 🤷🏻‍♂️
ℹ️ “Who is Carles Tusquets, Hagrid?” — He is the president of the Economic Commission. He will TEMPORARILY be in ch… https://t.co/2Lyzwf4BX0