HankandBrendan (@HankandBrendan)

Chris Frisina looks like Charlie Chaplain #ChangeMyMind
Yea sex is great, but have you ever https://t.co/QZHnl1fOKw
“I haven’t given up on the gong. But I’ve definitely learned that you can’t trust people with gongs” - Hank Close, 2019
Thank you to all that came and saw us at @TheCaveNC last night! We would also like to thank the Tar Heels for provi… https://t.co/cgarr6i264
Hank & Brendan has a show on 03/22/2019 at 08:00 PM @ The Cave in Chapel Hill, NC https://t.co/xxlxruw3kd #concert https://t.co/P7frC9wAgD
@juliemacieav1 Just Brendan is playing. Hank is merely in the vicinity
Brendan of Hank & Brendan plays 2nd Wind sometime tonight! Be sure to go and see him do... something
@Oxenford_Clerk Write a song about Oregon’s sand banks. It’s the inspiration for “Dune” ya know!
We’re goin back into the studio today because why not
Brendan is blocked from Led Zeppelin’s official page, I shit you not!
Brendan makes fun of people for listening to Coldplay as an adult. Sometimes small children https://t.co/3QkMXkp4At
Our rhythm section has better hair than we do https://t.co/YCpkk9I3Jd
We finished all of the tracking for our next EP (sans vocals) in a span of 5.5 hours. Fear us
@mkrodenb Disobedience to?