Harley51688007 (@Harley51688007)

@GraysonDolan Happy Valentine’s Day bb I love u 💜
@2019_predicts It’s Ethma bitch
@2019_predicts It’s Ethma bitch
@EthanDolan I love u so much ❤️ pls take ur time
@EthanDolan I love u so much ❤️ pls take ur time
RT @initiatebailey: A plotwist edit I'm not mad about. https://t.co/VgrrcsfLBX
@bloodlinegrant Definitely. Their views on political things don’t make up who they are as a human being
RT @ahhdolantwins: the way grayson hugs her makes me cry https://t.co/9GReSIPp7H
RT @trapsoulethan: people who put a watermark or hearts on rare photos of the twins are evil
@THRASHDOLAN Awe boo it’s ok
@EthanDolan Just love me pls
@mysticgrant I’m here for u boo
@cudisgray All the boys
I say best one direction song and you guys say.....
RT @risinggrant: if this edit doesn’t make you swerve then idk what the fuck will https://t.co/JaDqPX0xaX
@blugrayson Why is this so freakin accurate? I’m an Ethan Stan and I always break straws cuz I bash them off the table
@EthanDolan E- I- wha- nevermind
@emmachamberlain “I’m a mess”