Harry (@Harry)

@greatmouthfeel_ This is a pretty good one
@grace____g HAHAHAHAHA
Can someone tell me why @sarahjeong has blocked me 😂
@nytfood take it back!! the egg is a very special egg!
@smithandjeff that is so disgusting i can't even really express my feelings on that without getting ill
@smithandjeff i used to work with a guy like this but everyday and i was really concerned for him
@Hermit_Thrush i feel this big time
@JoeZikarro @MarkDice @harrys man, if you guys could only see my notifications.
@kevinlaawrence Haha, yeah, me either dude
you ever just say "f this" and eat your soup with a fork?
@CourtneySoliday Merry Christmas Courtney!!!!!!!!!
@ciaralmc Yea but like it makes sense if you have a egg McMuffin and a coke for some reason
@elliejohnsonlol he came over uninvited. i don't know him! and he was swinging his tail around like we're buddies or something.