Harry (@Harry)

@jackomazza This is some real shit right here
a few years back when @jackomazza & i used to be bums at this little beer bar. time is a strange thing. thanks for… https://t.co/p7ERoddduc
@hahaahahahahaha Oh I like these guys
@jackomazza You’re generous, I draw the line at 23
@macsarahh @stephermer Just a slobbery mouth rag is ok though.
@stephermer And I dunno when I waited tables I washed my hands a lot
@stephermer I say no, it’s fine. a waiter is just throwing that napkin into a bag to be washed anyway
@SoccerMomSyd Gimmie yer friend code!!
@jessica “Sent you @ConanOBrien’s tweet
@broseph_mangold Sure
@GogBrianBernard That’s fucked up!
@MikeFerri Damn I wish I was at this though
@B_resnick You’re alright, Brian.