Hassan (@Hassan)

@drdivinity Actually I only do sit down about work-from-home wear 😀
@mipsytipsy Trello.add_story("As a website visitor, I want to find the old site's content") LOL -- thanks for fixing!
@mipsytipsy FYI, the ebook link in this pinned tweet (https://t.co/eOFIiFxXOb) is 404...
@8_rissalouise @mmmazingGrace Well, today is *a* day, but *the* day? Dunno 😀
@Pummy3 @HassanRiz_ @farahtrades I don’t care since I have no idea what you’re talking about 😀
@nateberkopec Had one for a few weeks: 1) touch bar overall horrible - constant flashing is distracting, having to… https://t.co/0Q9cjQoFeN
@KingWolby No rush, I have no idea what you’re talking about anyway
@jmarieray They have to be painted? I thought they were those colors naturally. TIL!
@jjmacnab @RadioFreeTom And “https://t.co/9T6fHFoC4a” is available— just sayin’ 😀
@amandamull Bars. Dive bars with live music. As I recall 😀
@gravislizard Exactly this: sometimes "cognitive load shedding" is the only sane response to complexity in your lif… https://t.co/0vhuwbeZI7
@libbybrittain Nursing/assisted-living homes and rehab facilities usually appreciate donations of reading material.
@iboudreau @ibumichele Older Westie had a slight scrape on his nose, younger one no apparent damage at all, both we… https://t.co/Vt8jJhNVta
@iboudreau @ibumichele Story: we had a plumber working in the basement which is accessed from the far side of a tra… https://t.co/J4KY6R8ugX
@sarah_haskins Today's Special: Bucket o' Algae
@yanakuchirko Welcome to the Texastani Republic, celebrating Historical Revisionism since, well, you don't need to know...
RT @searls: The entire reason I raised issue with these docs is they suggested Microsoft might view the work of writing documentation as ap…
@SunniBrown They just wonder why you don’t have to wear a cone to keep you away from the stitches - so unfair
@AndyRichter @NomdeB No one mentioning Asparagus Urine?