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@WrightPhysHop @amandamull "could be" LOL -- yes, we have too many people in positions of power and influence who a… https://t.co/OsTSI7CIp6
@amandamull But it was possible to work part-time minimum-wage jobs in the 1960s and attend UC full-time (tuition,… https://t.co/rSA5JVNYZO
@whrrgarbl @nrrrdcore Well, this was in the mid-1970s so possibly old news, though I'm not getting that impression… https://t.co/ri0jWVJKZS
@nrrrdcore My first wife was told by a Kaiser ER doctor she was having a “painful period complicated by hysteria” -… https://t.co/A97Cs4IkvN
RT @FrancescoC: I am glad to see everyone sharing their @joeerl moments, making it not a day of sorrow, but one of celebration. He would ap…
Sad day in the Erlang/Elixir community mourning the loss of Joe Armstrong - meeting him at CodeBeamSF 2018 was such… https://t.co/jbMck5rJ0A
@DevMandy @FerventGeek Condolences, just went through it in January with our 16-year-old Westie; such a profound ch… https://t.co/OMMhTZryDE
RT @tribelaw: To my 507,000 followers: If you detect a recent uptick in my outrage and a downturn in my patience, you’re not imagining thin…
@Boringstein @pookleblinky Been there, done that (all of the above), got overcharged for the t-shirt
@krisnova @jessfraz "poof" indeed. I'd be covering that space with sheet metal 😀
@krisnova @jessfraz They let *cleaning people* into a data center??? to SWEEP?????? someone fetch me a defibrillator stat...
@estherderby Nope, my current team is about 2/3 remote:1/3 onsite and it works perfectly thanks to excellent facil… https://t.co/awiMtrXRju
@mochamomma And I would use a much stronger word than “irks” 😀
@mochamomma Exactly, it's defining an asymmetrical power relationship -- the grateful supplicant role -- rather tha… https://t.co/rFO3GItVjn
@anne_theriault "a library of sighs" -- that sounds like a book title to me 😀
@Y505_ @loay_balkis @itshaassaann “shoe behind the door”? What door? What shoe? 🤔
@Amir03276642 Dude, I think you have the wrong person tagged
@Freeyourmindkid Actually, I kinda remember that too but I was trying so hard to become invisible...