HaysRigatoni (@HaysRigatoni)

paul pierce a hater lol
RT @BigLeague3x: Gym shorts under our jeans was a wild era... 🥴
Damn they really canceled wildnout smh
Smh I know Kentucky is going up tonight #JusticeforBreonnaTalyor
I don't have a problem with change but I do have a problem with unnecessary change
Can't trust you if you eat hot pockets willingly
you ain't shìt without a face card
Everybody wanna trap 🤕🙄
bronny smoking is the definition of 2020 lol Unexpected
RT @King_Yunn: Paul George need to give his hairline to Lebron ...he don’t deserve it
I drink to make everyone else around me interesting
I fuck with casamigos
The mid 2000s feel like my version of the 90s
RT @BiggaBoss_Biggz: Kawhi play like wizards jordan 😭😭😭😭😭😭
RT @Cali_Style_Jas: Everyone been knew TT was HILARIOUS