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RT @Gravelax3: Happy Christmas - the 37% vote Leave UK #brexit reality awaits you! And you thought 2020 was bad! #BrexitReality #BrexitSham
RT @13sarahmurphy: @MPIainDS What’s the point of #brexit if, as we come out of the EU, we end up with more bureaucracy and far less control…
RT @stephen_oakman: You don’t get more iconic than Rolls Royce and even they feel they have to make a move☁️
RT @gas2green: @HelenTBracken Spent half my career in #ukmanufacturing mgt. I can tell you, and told #Leave right through #Brexit campaign,…
⚠️Just the start of a lot more bypassing of the UK ⛴ - #BrexitReality sunk in yet??? 😱👉 https://t.co/RcdJKe6O74
@Independent @mrjamesob Hard not to gloat, but being up to your neck in the Brexit **** doesn’t really lend itself… https://t.co/73iQH8kf31
RT @andyjames20052: @IanDunt Indeed! What could go wrong with a wealthy, selfish misanthrope leading the team responsible for the delivery…
RT @IanDunt: Fuck my life. Don't make any plans for 2022 lads.
@Hendrik_Senn Thanks but I did pinch it from Facebook- it does make me think of the biblical FLOOD - I guess buses… https://t.co/jggzTIPoPo
RT @LesleyPollard1: Can you help me reach my first 1k followers, folks? Always happy to follow back 🌸
RT @alex_kovaleski: The sunlit uplands are always somewhere else. Funny that.