HellaHadouken (@HellaHadouken)

@BethesdaStudios I once beat a Dunmer in Balmorra to death for calling me an Outlander, took a shit-ton of Skooma,… https://t.co/ZFQaVKaCuU
RT @ElderScrolls: Celebrate #TES25 with a free copy of Morrowind on PC TODAY ONLY. Sign into your Bethesda net account and claim your dig…
@JWonggg Justin "My Daughter can grow up to be anything she wants as long as it's not a Zangief Main" Wong back at it again.
@MrBeastYT Do a video titled "I DESTROY (enter name here)'S CAR AND BUY THEM A NEW ONE", then just record yourself… https://t.co/YeKwdl30N5
@tolkienthot Add "hot take" and "hot take but" to that list.
where I want to be: at @RISE_ENGLAND 's deathmatch wrestling tournament watching people go through fucking light tu… https://t.co/d7AIaJ5XDE
@Lobosjrgaming Just royal guard everything you'll be fine.
@BillandTed3 Is it bad that I can 100% still see Alex Winter as Bill, but Keanu Reeves just looks like John Wick to… https://t.co/rZDbOJOj3r
@maximilian_ Hell and Hell Urizen/Last Boss DMC5 Boss Rage when?
@TravisGafford Hotline League but all of Travis' input is just sickly, exhausted, really low-effort interpretive da… https://t.co/knDCyi3JvQ
@INFINITE_SGE @KrisGBeanie I remember back in the day kids in my high school here in the UK (secondary school in US… https://t.co/C8YP3XwtFM
@JimCarrey jesus fucking christ jim
@OBEYBrookes @NORTH_NCL 10/10, very sugoi.
@JackTheJobber Last time I played beyblades I made my friend cry and got it banned in my primary school are you sur… https://t.co/KdaA1HtnLM
@Will__NE Lots of independent wrestling companies up here in the north-east, with @MrBeastYT 's money you could eas… https://t.co/rAYV5fhGG6
@JackTheJobber I'm fairly certain that, as a 2x Heavy Metalweight Champion, you could have ran out, saved Kushida a… https://t.co/qgWZYpGQgr