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@PancakesNow That is true, it's more about the condescending tone that is implied that triggered a man (me) who dea… https://t.co/1QS5DzPSkR
The people who started the "podcast revolution" that Variety has spoken of started ten years ago in homemade studio… https://t.co/QZDxwrg7Aa
RT @LastPodNetwork: Once they hear that bass line @BestJakeYoung & @holdenators can't be stopped Listen to the #WizBru DuckTales episode h…
RT @pipsqueaksghost: Can not believe we ran into the Last Podcast gang on the casino floor last night!! Thanks for the great show and stopp…
New Last Podcast! Joey Smith loved his seeing stones which is better sounding than lookin rocks. This is gonna be a… https://t.co/RN88F3nwYS
@Jenn_Tisdale @LinkedIn You would have been great as the “masseuse shift lord”
RT @lizzo: Idk what I’m doin or how in doin it sometimes... I just hope u feel me
I’m gonna wait another month before talking about this dude anymore https://t.co/zHKhxZvlig