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RT @ConnorSouthard: In 2004 people were releasing movies where Mark Wahlberg was an unemployed firefighter having a completely unspecified…
RT @robdelaney: Joe Biden’s wife just said this into a microphone. https://t.co/XjQOF0Sp01
RT @JenAshleyWright: All those times I wrote, “No worries!” There were, in fact, worries.
RT @TheKalenAllen: I told y’all Americans don’t know how to season food...ITS A BAY LEAF RILEY! https://t.co/GW5srrcIae
RT @ZombieHam: Dungeons AND dragons? In this economy???
RT @topherflorence: peanuts is a cool comic cause the babies are always unsupervised in a dirt field saying stuff like "suffering is the ca…
RT @jpbrammer: listening to Liability by Lorde fuck emotional stability!!!
RT @trevleft: my friend had to sell her blood plasma to pay rent https://t.co/FeL2TWDxkf
RT @lizzo: I’m the b———-a————-d g_______u___________y (duh)
RT @DanaSchwartzzz: We need an Oxford comma in here https://t.co/nUUcBOJYHD
RT @BetteMidler: Watching “America’s Got Talent” and I have to admit! #AmericaHasNoTalent!!!!! This is a tragedy. That millions think th…
RT @BoobsRadley: I need everybody to admit that those bathroom sinks that look like big salad bowls were a terrible mistake so we can all m…
RT @OrangePaulp: I have that gay disease where I hate myself but also think I’m better than everyone else.
RT @DivaDelux: Men think women are sensitive but have you ever said “Joe Rogan sucks” in front of a man?
RT @jon_snow_420: "but it will confuse children" is the dumbest talking point. everything confuses children, they're idiots. do you explain…
RT @Lubchansky: sometimes stuff is corny!!! who gives a shit!!!!!!!!!!
RT @ChaseMit: You’re referencing a book where a spoiled child learns what an asshole they are https://t.co/YMO28Bp3Lu
RT @benyahr: This woman giving it ALL to the selfie cam on the train is SENDING ME https://t.co/i3JoSPKj3I