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@OpTicMaNiaC Too many times and it's super rough.
RT @OpTicHitch: Finals of the $100 Blackout Odd Man Out tournament! Playing against @HollyyLive, Branny, and two of her subscribers! ht…
RT @SupAustyn: y’all ever make a snow angel before https://t.co/dQ7yHArMgB
@SupAustyn LMFAO thanks austyn, I needed this.
@Mr_PirateTV @clutchy404 @ShawnAbner @MissAliCatt You're amazing. Thank you <3
@hxstlerette Hopefully not <3 hope it stops bleeding too... We don't like blood 🤮
@SupAustyn @BrannyO Go run tourneys with branbran
@TheSavageMellow Ugh I'm sorry 😭 did they take anything important or valuable?
I don't really feel like leaving my bed today😴
@AustinClayton4 LMFAOOOOOO that's what I said!!!
@emilreee 🤗🤗🤗🤗
@emilreee Ur on private screw it
@t6keoff Oh FOR REAL.
@samzorz OH MY GOD. MY MIND.
YOU season 2 needs to come out now.
@IAMBOWS Oh I'm good! This quote is from the Lorax. It's a Dr Seuss quote I just wanted to tweet it
@huntermacrobbie @62yKreJ It's actually a Dr Seuss quote lol