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RT @johnmknox: Soros funded fascist Left group "Hope Not Hate" may use violence to target Banks and Ukip in the General Election https://t.…
RT @glnta7777: @BlastsFr0mPast May announces #GE17 1) Murdoch delays multi-billion takeover bid 4 Sky 2) CPS reveal studying charges #tory
RT @GeorgeEnter: Still no uk government enquiry into 1400 British children sexually exploited by tribal Pakistani Muslim men in Rotherham,…
@roygmp are you back k roy
@Brexit59 @Bull_Spotter The British TAXPAYER
RT @Brexit59: @Bull_Spotter @Huggiesll It's a typical lefty progressive ploy to entice the electorate with another entitlement. Who's going…
@Bull_Spotter Yeah to true most of them still a bed when the referendum was going on.
RT @Bull_Spotter: @Huggiesll Many of the people who vote for him don't work at all so how would they notice an extra 4 days off?
RT @andos741: @Huggiesll You'd miss out on gay womens lib day, Hamas day,Martin mcguiness day and immigration day