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@FOXFOOTY Lol @Kylie... turn@off your TVs 😂👍
@1116sen lol he wasn't b4 he shouldn't be now..
@realmonaghan Now surely Michelle you won't PIG OUT and eat all that on your own??? :)
QUEENSCLIFF & POINT LONSDALE Flashback 2016 via @YouTube
@realmonaghan If you’re coming up the beach like that I’m in.. 😎😂👍
Wanting to fly my new Mavic Air 2 drone and this is what I see in my front yard.. 13c and rain.. hmmm maybe not tod…
A package arrived today.. One week earlier than expected. I wonder what it is???? Could it be the new Mavic Air 2 d…
Australians Ignoring Social Distancing - Preston Market via @YouTube #CoronaVirusAU #Corona
BARKING Jack Russell - Happy Puppy barks at Lawn Mower via @YouTube #puppy #barking
NBN ready... now to disconnect all my ADSL. Equipment... Let’s hope NBN works... 😎👍👍. Supposed to be 40Mbps during…
Who needs #toiletpaper when there’s a new product on the market... #ass #cleaner #funny #lol #pictureoftheday
@SP_10 Now can I have that in English???? what the.... just draft any age any years ...
@gabrieltravel Was going to say you haven’t posted many videos lately... Will check it out when I get home from work.. 👍👍
Greek EASTER Spit Roast & BBQ | Ελληνικό Πάσχα με αρνί και κοτόπουλο στη... via @YouTube