IISuperwomanII (@IISuperwomanII)

Y’all need to hear how Scarborough I get while watching a @Raptors game though. JAM DONE FAM IN DEY MOUTTTTT DUN KNOW 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽
Dear friends, does anyone have a screenshot of my original Instagram caption for my Choli video that got taken down? 😔
This breaks my heart and enrages me. Everyone should be mad. I’m so sorry Nusrat Jahan Rafi. We must keep fighting.… https://t.co/ooCP4DXIM9
The biggest mistake we make is convincing ourselves we don’t deserve to be happy. Nah. Eff that. Forget every reaso… https://t.co/WkY45et0fs
@VanessaMerrell I moved out when I was 26. Do you boo x
Thank you to everyone who celebrates who I am and loves me for me... including all my quirks and flaws. I know I do… https://t.co/qwX8Xv6NKQ
Can't wait for this!! Who's coming?! https://t.co/aH1CRSi0Ph
@laurDIY Oh...look who comes crawling back from Coachella.... 🧐
I’ve had a migraine all day but priorities... let’s go boys! https://t.co/MT1dtU1oEI
Me waiting for a fine af girl to slide into my dms so I can for sure have a back up hair tie at all times because T… https://t.co/vBFJm5JGdp
Strive to be self aware. There’s no tool more powerful than knowing yourself.
Good vibes!! I had such an incredible time last night in Vegas. The young Lilly is SCREAMING! Thank you @PHVegashttps://t.co/9Xoq142QYQ
I just wanna say, there is only love in my heart. Truly. ❤️
I can’t believe my life sometimes.