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KE S2! April 7th...omg I can’t believe it’s almost here. I really hope you all enjoy https://t.co/lbaDgv8zpR
Meeting SAG Life Achievement Winner Alan Alda. Told him how much Free to Be You&Me meant to me. #Atalanta who reme… https://t.co/hds5Jxaxuf
Thank you to all my Team(s) https://t.co/j7oVs9Nay3
RT @netflix: There could be 100 people in the room, and 99 of them don't believe in you but if Sandra Oh's mom does ... that's honestly all…
Thank you @sudigreen and @frangillespie for writing the words...(on the T-shirt) https://t.co/xVmgjDCQxt
Thank you beloved family (ps—why are mom and dad not looking at camera?) https://t.co/xe1qMy7t9j
That’s my favorite one
RT @nbc: There's only one word to describe these two: ICONIC. #GoldenGlobes https://t.co/azYf0ve8zd
Hey @thelonelyisland was told to post ur headshot can’t wait to co-host #GoldenGlobes Jan 6th @nbc @goldenglobes https://t.co/b8i8GARKnr
Sunday morning here & watching @awkwafina kill it on @nbcsnl So proud of You! And props to @LucyLiu 4 being the 1st 💚💛💙🧡
Farewell Audrey Wells. Thank you 4 our time together Guinevere & Under the Tuscan Sun. Your radiant smile, your fierce will. 💚to T & Brian
Congratulations #PhoebeWallerBridge on your Emmy nomination. Love you so @KillingEve https://t.co/XzDtALRB8H
Thank You 🇬🇧 Hope you enjoy! Watch every sat @BBCOne & binge all @bbcthree on iPlayer https://t.co/y9m0Ef9p9N https://t.co/8aNZtzNCbN
Brava dear Sister, brava. https://t.co/UQwDSLlVT1
Listen: Sandra Oh Reads ‘The Secret to Marriage Is Never Getting Married’ https://t.co/9aG0Tmsg8K. So excited I got to read this!
Finished long day of work, reading all the exciting press for @CrazyRichMovie. Can’t wait to watch laugh & cry. Go see it!!!
Dear fellow Canadians @KillingEve is premiering 2nite finally! Pls catch me & @ComerJodie here at our 1st readthru… https://t.co/AD0smrMzfW