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Take Belle for a walk and come back alone Colby,simple answer to her #HomeandAway
@ShehabKhan Blackford speaks the truth May is a coward and worst PM, Hunt was a terrible Health Sec that leaves Boz… https://t.co/PgbSIBpMSr
@robertcourts Your point of order was ridiculous, Johnson is a proven liar, sacked as a journalist for lying,sacked… https://t.co/nLcsJQZOYt
@bbclaurak Yet you don`t condemn the murderous Tories
@drewhendrySNP Wiping the floor with lies @andrealeadsom is spewing about #Scotland
@andrealeadsom just caught lying on Scottish Tories supporting bozo the clown #PoliticsLive
Credit where due #Tory Andrew Mitchel very similar question on #Yemen but without the @Conservatives booing and jee… https://t.co/todeyRMQsx
#Tories now acting like petulant school children cheering the shrivelled up old hag @theresa_may # PMQS
@theresa_may forgot the Klingons, Borg and ferengi, just as ridiculous as her come back on Corbyn #PMQS
@theresa_may and her husband hands dripping in Yemeni blood by arms sold to Saudi by the #Tories shameful answers today #PMQS
@andrealeadsom had to be removed from #PoliticsLive before the beaver slot, she's after a good fur stole
The whole #ToryLeadershipContest is a disgrace, they're saying it's our ball and nobody else can play #GeneralElectionNow #PoliticsLive
@andrealeadsom showing she and bozo are totally untrustworthy and inept #PoliticsLive
One of the most annoying #jeremyvine shows , malone and Christian absolutely terrible and Vine out of his depth trying to control them
@robmcd85 @IndiScoLady Terrible behaviour from that bigoted man
@Jeremy_Hunt I have Welsh and Scottish blood and it` will not be up to you is Scotland decide to leave in fact it w… https://t.co/n7MhlgmNqU
Looks like its killing Malone listening to a billionaire talk about the unfair rich poor divide #jeremyvine
Can bozo be trusted debate was a debacle, Vine had absolutely no control and trying to make funny quip instead of l… https://t.co/9zfzYelEiA
Is there a need for Vine to keep saying the panelist has a load of money #jeremyvine