Ianmac5Ian (@Ianmac5Ian)

@angelasmithmp @LindaTallons And you had the cheek earlier to misspeak calling #labour racist #hypocrite
RT @PeoplesMomentum: This needed to be said 👇🏽 https://t.co/lfzJ65geNS
@sajidjavid is totally incompetent at answering questions on UK nationals returning from Syria #homeoffice
@angelasmithmp @TheIndGroup Won`t get a penny for me,in fact think i`ll give a bit more to labour today
LOL best answer on #PoliticsLive Brendan o`dickhead asks @AyoCaesar if she`s a communist why does she hang around… https://t.co/RqIjAwS87g
@angelasmithmp listening to you on #politicslive I'm 100 % glad you've gone,I've never heard so much rubbish from… https://t.co/mwca5PDvDG
RT @JordanGSmith25: The centrists have a new fan, the islamaphobic and racist Katie Hopkins! Hope you will be swift in having an inquiry in…
@caz141192 Momentum ?
@MikeGapes shame on you,have your 15 minutes of fame before you're ousted in a by election #LabourSplit
@AyoCaesar yes the jump suit #politicslive
The 7 traitors who left Labour are an abomination but they did have the guts to do so, where are the shit house… https://t.co/FhjYmdgw8w
@AngelaRayner True Ang, i can`t explain my contempt for them,selfish self centered quislings
RT @PoliticalLangUK: One of the MPs who has resigned from #Labour this morning, Gavin Shuker, says the Labour party has "turned its back on…
@JolyonMaugham @elsie_bevan It`s arseholes like you who keep spreading lies about labour antisemetism that fuels the hatred
Really don`t give a damn about the 7 traitors who quit #labour all they`ve done for ages is whine,good riddance #LabourSplit
Not even going to watch if men should wear high heels for a day , pointless waste of time and a chance for vine to act the fool #jeremyvine
They missed an hour on Friday afternoon, hardly going to ruin their futures , all the fuss is the anti May chants #JeremyVine
How quick will she be given a house ahead of others #JeremyVine