ImChasingDreamz (@ImChasingDreamz)

RT @ImChasingDreamz: I make this type of music so my girl can get ready to it.. 🔥
we don’t eat turkey on thanksgiving - every hispanic
crazy how we are like a month away from a new year and i’m still depressed lmaoo
baby dime tu klok
si me buscaa me vas a encontrarrr
next person to follow me i will follow back!
if i don’t respond to your snap as soon as i open it then i never will lmaoo
RT @ImChasingDreamz: if the effort isn't there neither am I
RT @ImChasingDreamz: drop your snap under this and i will add you
@kaymatss i made sure to follow :) thnks for the shareee
RT @kaymatss: I need someone to love me like this
You really start to glow when you're happy
yo quiero hacerte tantas cosas sin enamorarte
@babykiiiiii you da best! i followed you
this reminds me of that nasty ass grammar school pizza.. hated that shit.
so speechless... this is beautiful! this is everything.. just WOW. *tears*
i got my own money and i flex when i want too
can i get a lady to add me on snapchat? >imchasingdreamz