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RT @ochocinco: My barber sucks 😡😡😡
RT @Ballislife: “I don’t play Fortnite either. I just foreplay at night 😉” - @Giannis_An34 (Via @ThatBoyGRard)
RT @Isisst_: So this happened last night. I asked him why he said because “I love you” 🤗😩
RT @_briadl: When a scammer have a kid 😭
RT @White_Mamba88: This all happened on video and nobody helped or even called for help. Everyone wanted to just watch. How sad 😡 #JUSTICEF
RT @ComplexMusic: Beyoncé, JAY-Z, Kanye West and the evolution of the album rollout 🙌🏾✨
RT @espn: On This Date: In 1996, Austin 3:16 was born.
RT @SLAMonline: DSJ x Luka. The future.
RT @Bettyx2_: Skip contradicts himself so much you can make a video of skip debating with himself 💀💀💀
RT @SLAMonline: Proof from 2010 that @KingJames AIN'T HUMAN 😳 (via @NBA)
RT @trigguhhtee: the way he changes his voice lmao! “Big ass dinosaur”
RT @CourtsideFilms: Collin “Young Bull” Sexton just got drafted 8th by the Cleveland Cavaliers! #nbadraft
RT @HtOwNzOuTLaW713: “ I touched the ball coach. It’s their ball “
RT @mightbemichelle: This kid is going places
RT @THR: 'Dear White People' renewed for Season 3 at Netflix
RT @euphorixa: Jada Pinkett Smith just posted this on her IG. I remember this 😭
RT @keshanne_: aye young 😂😂😂
RT @bookipediaa: lemme introduce y’all to the man that brought me laughs as a kid😂