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RT @OfficialJlover: BREAKING NEWS my niggas. If yo girlfriend has went to any season opener basketball game, BEST BELIEVE she's fucking som…
RT @NBA: Our all-access mini-movie look at the 2017 #NBAAllStar Game, won by the WEST 192-182!
RT @DefPenHoops: .@hannibalburess to Kevin Durant - "Durant...if y'all lose this game, will you join their team next season?" 😂😂😂 https:/…
RT @ColorMeRedB: @Im_dat_dude_cj I don't want to dtm on twitter 🙃
@ColorMeRedB lol u funny
@ColorMeRedB idk u tell me
RT @1EvaMae: What's love and hip hop without @KendallKyndall commentary 😂😂 #lhhny #lhhnyreunion
Lol what I do now 😂🙄
RT @SportsCenter: "The dunk of the year!" 😱 #SCtop10
RT @kayy_syymone: 😎 i see you 😸👀
RT @RapSpotlights: Lebron James & 21 Savage
RT @CreatedByZanic: "Sweet Lady" Cover Art For @LGado2Bz!!
RT @Chazzus: Westbrook: oop! Durant: *throws oop* Westbrook: you still a hoe Durant:
RT @tacosNhoes: @JaxDelgado @MrRedMartian Ima @ your favorite rapper and shoot em like I'm John Dill
RT @JaxDelgado: @MrRedMartian "till ya blood get schpilled"
RT @MrRedMartian: "Til a nigga get schpilled"
RT @PrettyInHarlem: When Teanna trump post a snap and she not sucking dick 🤔