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RT @Bdell1014: That man Jay Z be making moves. Bought Tidal for $56 million and sold 33% of it to Sprint for $200 million.
RT @Bee_flexinn: Watching everybody turn 21
RT @Bee_flexinn: Watching everybody turn 21
RT @NBA: LeBron James goes baseline and rattles the rim to lead the week's TOP 10 DUNKS!
RT @Genius: remember that time biggie dissed the lox on their own track 😂
RT @3KXNGDOMO: Christian Laettner was colddd
@abnormalariee_ I had to show her it was a joke
@abnormalariee_ 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀
I'm done messing with her 😂
Mfers blew me even more 😒
@jayyyy_marieeee lol don't want smoke
RT @YoungMack_MME: History In The Making 🗣 @D1CMG
RT @PrettyySierra: 🚨 : you always putting silly shit in my timeline😂 that's how I know you funny asl and cool to be around
Lol yea gotta keep my shit lively 😂😂
RT @BritMilan_: 😇 mfs don't even check up on me 🤦🏽‍♀️
@BritMilan_ I hyl 3 weeks ago mfers ain't pick up 🙄
🍾❤️- idrk u 😕 maybe we can be friends but u seem cool show some love 😊
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💍🏀- U seem cool and can hoop