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RT @KyleAMadson: Paul George in there getting shots up??
The Heat are very similar for the Thunder, in some ways, but better. They don't quit, have a bunch of different clo…
RT @JaredWeissNBA: Kemba on locker room yelling: "It was nothing. I'm not speaking about it."
@NekiasNBA I'd like to think that Taco Fall is SpongeBob here
RT @GwashburnGlobe: Been outside a bunch of locker rooms in my days. That’s was as raucous as I’ve ever heard. #Celtics
Did Marcus Smart throw Carsen Edwards around
I am yet to process this lmao how in the hell
RT @stevejones20: Miami won shooting 32% from 3. I feel like that's big.
What the hell I thought this was a trolling account at first
What if the Heat just go, like, 16-4 in the playoffs and that's that
RT @scooperhoops: Talk about aging like fine wine. Dragic gets better with every playoff run. He's at 48/40/79 splits as of the end of this…
The Miami Heat are now 9-0 in regulation in these playoffs.
That's what you get for going for a lob in this situation lmao And Butler is quite literally everywhere defensively