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Wishing my wife a @krissyK01 a #HappyBirthday I love you sooooo much. Thanks for everything you do for the family and me.
Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful moms as well. Great moms = hard work. Your all appreciated.
Wanting to wish my mama a happy Mother’s Day, My wife @krissyK01 a happy Mother’s Day, & @AmberLPortwood a happy Mo…
@iamxtabai @KingsIslandPR I was at the diner and there was only 2 people working. I’m like WTH! Was in line for over an Hour.
@KingsIslandPR ok just throwing this out there. You guys need a fast pass lane for food. #NOJOKE
@blink182 I need some good tickets for the Indy show..... ;)
Okay so the fact that I’m hearing a coyote right outside my window is a little frightening. #countryliving #dark #kindascary
Hope everyone is having a good Easter. And good family time.