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RT @fox5dc: Washington Monument set to reopen to the public on October 1
RT @ilesliesofine: y’all ever postpone an outfit
RT @fox5dc: American man may get prison time after leaving negative reviews of Thailand hotel
RT @SneakerShouts: Sizes selling out: 30% OFF + free shipping on the New Balance 997 Sport “Grey Green” BUY HERE:
RT @SkyNews: Potty-mouthed parrots split up by zoo bosses after egging each other on to swear
RT @ExtendoBans: I hate sleeping all day but damn it feel too good
RT @evaabreanna: Y’all ever look at someone’s snapchat story and just delete them?
RT @dxxnya: “when did u get so political” man people are dying how are YOU not political
RT @__funmiogun: y'all on a serious note, before y'all try to drag Joe Biden for seemingly stumbling over his words, please do your researc…
RT @TheNBACentral: "I know every last one that was drafted ahead of me. It definitely does fuel me." - Tyler Herro
RT @TheNBACentral:
RT @KEEMSTAR: Breaking: @Boogie2988 has media outside his house.
RT @KEEMSTAR: Breaking: @Boogie2988 has media outside his house.
RT @PodSaveAmerica: Trump REFUSES to condemn white supremacy. Again, the contrast is bone-deep.
RT @okmvnny: a relationship should be 50/50, she exists and i adore her.
RT @ajplus: 34 elephants died suddenly in Zimbabwe, home to 20% of African elephants. They were found "lying on their bellies." Officials…
RT @kevinmichaael: My African American studies professor won’t let us refer to slaves as “slaves” but instead “enslaved people” and I think…
RT @g6byy: if u are interested in me i need a 500 word essay on how u will not waste my time