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@DeanaXburke @katieshox Pic yesterday with Gus, Paxton, and L.
@katieshox Haha! Dead giveaway if it’s a donkey or emu. Xojd
@welliver_titus Oh... HELL YES. Beard game is strong.
Real quick.. big ups and thanks to @Tyson_Fury for not only displaying killer skills in the ring... 2nd round KO, b… https://t.co/p31bpuwhHq
@HilarieBurton Not even a fuckin question. DO IT. xojd
@WaxPaperHeart @YulVazquez @welliver_titus Goes without saying. I’m sure @welliver_titus agrees. I’m ready for this project btw.
@JDMMiddleFinger @halseysregals NO. The bastard ain’t here. Right now anyway..... actually... he could be creeping… https://t.co/OXJzcaIWFZ
@EnanaxVelasco No. Couple have caused pause. But regrets at this point? In this profession? Can mess with people. A… https://t.co/YU7u3kCPr2
Goodnight all. Nice chatting with y’all. Until next time. Xojd
@pavlinofficial Can ya blame me? It’s a dumb twit. You can do better. I have faith.
@ZaiCarylStan @MelosFaber @bearytalesuk I’m sorry. Prayers up to your aunt. Hang in there. ❤️
@NegansMiz Well shit. Thanks for trying to be a better person. I sure try to that myself. Not always easy in this w… https://t.co/ZgmHoyVre7
@harshwardhansd @sarinadc1996 Well don’t be so fuckin mopey and passive aggressive! I just answer people that DONT… https://t.co/LrpGAY8NI2
@jasonscrouse Ya just never know what a brand new day can bring a fella.