@KIDSOFEUPHORIA I’m sat on the toilet peeing and crying help
@gigglegguk Ok but their concept photos for answer would fit this so much like exaggeration and unnatural like BRO
@renda_g2 I did it awhile ago and didn’t notice until but yes I changed it just because Hoseok does I am LOYAL
@kooshc I’m glad u are :(( thank god bts exist :(
@FENTYCHIM I’m so :(( you two are so cute! See bts bringing soulmates together :(
Bro it just hit me, because of BTS, I was added to a twitter GC where I met my best friend, n we only became so clo… https://t.co/DbT8VLeaj9
RT @ksjdoll: For Hoseok’s birthday we raised and donated $5,200 CAD (+$4,000 in USD) to @RainbowRailroad, an organization that helps LGBT p…
The way Hoseok and Jin were so unfazed about joon jumping on the bed and then joining Jimin, kook and Taehyung roll… https://t.co/GNPQlmZDmz