JJChalmersRM (@JJChalmersRM)

@MaxGeorge You already did me proud this weekend mate! #Maxwell 👊
@HeadAFEmplSpt As long as nobody tries anything on next week when voting opens, I need all the lads behind me!
@SEAC_Defence Thanks Glen, glad you enjoyed it.
@thedebbiemcgee @bbcstrictly Thank you, this experience is truly as good as you said it would be.
Famous last words but I’m feeling very calm right now, but it’s all thanks to my amazing partner @dowden_amy. She… https://t.co/kqPt6EcG9i
I didn’t even say it this well in the article, 👇 Thank you @MarkElliott52. And everyone who helped me get here,… https://t.co/uKzCardrrn
A tough read, this takes me back to my first Repatriation Ceremony, as the aircraft dipped its wings, I remember th… https://t.co/jVydkNcCFO
To this day I still want to make one of these, never seem to find the time sadly. #ThunderBirds #CBeebiesNostalgia https://t.co/jT0Hanz3ZX
Like they say, ‘You’ve got to shake what the Surgeons Gave You!’ I don’t think @rickygervais would have thought yo… https://t.co/xP5XtXCaYd
😬 Some pretty weak timing there, I promise I’m getting better after a lot of hard training with the amazing… https://t.co/hBombHwvRD
@AndiWheeler2016 @BBCRadioWales The Bootneck Shuffle is far to advanced for @dowden_amy, got to start off slowly! 😂