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RT @RossMcG1872: When he’s on the ball He’s on the go Our number 17 he is Joe Aribo He’ll cut inside He’ll score a goal He’s fucking dyna…
@ennazus_ Babysitting tomorrow tied myself down thankfully 😂
Actually aff it however few beers watching the match tonight won’t hurt anyone I suppose
@TimberNewco72 @96KN_ This is something that can be arrange please return to my page tomorrow morning currently alr… https://t.co/VaZYDzBOx1
There’s no one in the garnock valley that drinks more water in a day than myself if you think you do then that’s fair enough cheers
Pretty fried but always look at folks hair then ask myself if a was a barber would a cut it 😂 talking in regards way greasy hair in shit
RT @GraemeBodman: No a better feeling out there Apart fae a 6 n a half foot Croatian battering a heeder in at the piggery
RT @DJW1872: Me depositing another £5 into skybet after the early kickoff fucks my coupon https://t.co/XQc5dpSXgN
RT @SandyC8572: The big man is back. Surely never did the sit doon test with the shirt though chavvvvyyyy https://t.co/W2i13JHCtG
@96KN_ I class you as my good friend nelly please don’t make me change that